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Character Education


"Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of a true education.”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Stonegate Staff believes that the acquisition of appropriate social skills is the foundation for social and academic success. We have found that the mastery of appropriate social skills assists in the prevention of future social challenges, and leads to essential functioning and survival skills within our society. In many cases, we have found social behavior and academic behavior to be correlated. 
Character Education at Stonegate Elementary School is a partnership with parents and the community to foster honest, responsible and caring students. It is an intentional and proactive effort to help students understand, care about, and act upon the basic values that we share. Character Education promotes a positive school climate where students are more polite, honest and respectful, enhances student achievement by improving school attendance and reducing classroom conflicts, and encourages community involvement and a lifelong commitment to helping others.
At Stonegate, we integrate character education into three main areas:
1.      Academic Environment: Established rules and procedures promote a productive, civil and safe school.
2.      Curriculum and Instruction: Character traits are integrated into the classroom lessons to promote understanding and decision making skills.
3.      Service Learning: Students are involved in acts of service to help them develop a sense of responsibility and concern for the well being of others. It is through these "hands on" academic experiences that students reflect and learn how their actions can make a difference.
SGE focuses a great deal on our positive behavior support system throughout the school year, including the following character traits which are highlighted and modeled throughout the year.
As a school community we are proactive in teaching appropriate behaviors to children. We believe this approach to be more meaningful and effective, than admonishing children for inappropriate/improper behavior.   We support direct and systematic teaching, and take into consideration each child’s emotional, academic, and social development. The acquisition and consistent demonstration of appropriate social skills is a result of the consistent reinforcement of the Stonegate school-wide beliefs and expectations, and consistent with behaviors that are relevant to rearing productive citizens within our society.
We thank you, the parents and community members, for continuing to partner with us as we serve as positive role models for all children, and to take an active role in their our next generation’s character development.
Your Partner in Education,
Connie Largent, Principal