Volunteer/Visitor Background Checks

This is a friendly reminder of our volunteer background check guidelines.  There are two types of background checks required by Zionsville Community Schools for volunteers - Limited and Full.  

The "full" background check is required when anyone volunteers with students & is working with them under limited teacher supervision and/or if you accompany us on a school field trip.  It does take 5-7 days to process and there is also cost of $15.95, which is payable online. Once it submitted and cleared, it lasts for five years. 
The "Limited" background check is required for volunteers in our building spending their time in other capacities, such as working a PTO event, making copies for a teacher, or helping in the library. 
The “limited” is free of charge and is usually processed within 24 hours.   
Please click here to access the links for volunteer background checks.  
We thank you for your assistance to this matter!