Lunch & Recess Times



1st Grade 10:30-11:00

3rd Grade 11:05-11:35

2nd Grade 11:40-12:10

4th Grade 12:15-12:45

KND Grade 12:50- 1:20



Preschool at Teacher Discretion

Kindergarten AM 11:10-11:25 (x5)

1st Grade 10:00-10:30

3rd Grade 10:35-11:05

4th Grade 11:45-12:15

2nd 12:15-12:45

Kindergarten PM 1:25-1:40 (x4), 2:00-2:15 (x1)

While the cold and snowy conditions typically bring enjoyment for the children to play in, we also want them to be warm, comfy and dressed appropriately. Please remember that the children have outdoor recess throughout the winter months, unless it is raining or the temperature (including wind chill) dips to 10 degrees or below. Children will only be allowed to play in the snow if they have snow pants and winter boots. Otherwise, they will be asked to stay in the non-snow-covered areas of the playground and blacktop.